Mon. Sep 26th, 2022


The OPPO F19 Pro has been designed for professional video cameras by professionals. With the innovative parameter control, it is easy to use and provides outstanding results. Professional video cameras make it easy to capture unique shots. But when you are an amateur, it can be really challenging to achieve a professional look. It is here that the F19 Pro comes to your rescue. f19 pro

The OPPO F19 Pro has a special flash charge system. It offers you four unique shooting modes, namely Auto, Funeral, Landscape and Fragmentary. The OPPO F19 Pro also has a total function viewfinder and has been equipped with a removable lens hood. The OPPO F19 Pro has the ability to shoot in both indoor and outdoor conditions. At the same time, it comes with a removable carrying case and a battery power port.

When it comes to shooting images, there is no better camera than the F19 Pro since it comes with a very large optical zoom lens. You can also shoot in both normal and medium angle. The f19 pro also has a very large illuminated screen which makes it easier to view the images. The screen has a great clarity and even the darkest of landscapes or buildings appear bright and crisp.

Another fantastic feature of this smartphone is the built-in video stabilization. In fact, this feature allows you to shoot videos in high angles up to 120 degrees; the smartphone even recognizes the exact angle and moves the lens automatically. To shoot videos, you can either connect the smartphone to a computer via USB or PC or the most popular way to connect to a smartphone is through Bluetooth. When shooting videos, there are two options: you can directly connect the device to your computer or you can connect to a laptop using the Bluetooth cable. A single camera Connect pro can be used as a single unit that can also record videos and photos simultaneously or you can use a dual-view mode.

With the large, 9.7 inch screen, the battery life on this smartphone is more than sufficient for my needs. I have taken about two and a half hours of videos with the F 19 Pro when I was in Windows, with the battery consuming about three hours and thirty minutes using the AC adapter. In the dual-view mode, I was able to take four and a half hours and fifteen minutes of videos and photographs.

In my opinion, the design and the build quality of the F 19 Pro are top-notch. I like that it has a non-slip grip. Furthermore, the notification LED on the phone is bright and vibrant, so I can easily see when the battery is getting low. One thing I would like to point out is that I don’t like the fact that there is only a single USB slot on the side of the smartphone, compared to the two available on other smartphones. I find it awkward to use. Another thing I would like to point out is that despite its large size, the F19 Pro comes with an eight gigabyte memory card which allows me to store more movies and more data.

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